Ian Smith


As the owner of Avian Productions, Ian brings 20 years of hands-on video experience and 10 years of professional work in film, TV, and web video.

Ian started as a visual effects production coordinator for film and TV productions. In 2006, he became a producer and videographer for a new web video venture called LiveVideo. By 2007, he had become the Director of Production for the Strategic Partnerships & Sports Division of the company. After seeing the opportunities in web video happening around him, Ian left LiveVideo in 2008 to co-found his own video production company.

After 7 years of creating a variety of videos for TV and web, some of which can be seen on the WORK page, Ian began a new chapter with Avian Productions in 2015. Its goal is to be a one stop shop for creating high production value content to service the ever-growing demand for video around the world.